TN NAFTA Professionals

TN visas are granted to the citizens of Canada and Mexico who have a degree in a specific profession pertaining to NAFTA. Citizens of Canada and Mexico are granted legal stay in the US for up to 3 years and have no limits to the number of times status can be renewed. The TN visa is an alternative to the H-1B visa. 

  • TN visa holders are required to have a degree
  • TN visa holders may bring their spouse and minor children
  • TN status allows part-time and full-time employment

NAFTA Professions:

Architect, computer system analyst, disaster relief insurance claims adjuster, economist, engineer, forester, graphic designer, hotel manager, industrial designer, interior designer, land surveyor, lawyer, librarian, management consultant, mathematician, range manager/conservationist, research assistant, scientific technician, social worker, technical publication writer, urban planner and vocational counselor.