If you’ve been picked up and face removal proceedings, you’ll want to retain counsel and request a bond hearing. We’ll represent you in this proceeding, filing all the necessary papers and helping you secure a bond so you can fight your case outside of a detention center. You’ll receive a Notice to Appear that lists all the reasons the government finds you to be deportable. One of our specialties is reviewing the Notice to Appear and holding the government to their burden of proving they have sufficient grounds to bring a case against you. If the government meets their burden, we will find a remedy for you. You may qualify for various remedies in immigration court depending on your criminal background, length of time in the U.S., and family relationships to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

One of the ways we can serve as your advocate is by representing you before the Board of Immigration Appeals in the event your case was unsuccessful. The Board of Immigration Appeals has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals of decisions rendered by immigration judges. We’ll thoroughly review your case to uncover any nuances in the law and/or errors made by the judge. This analysis often allows us to overcome negative determinations or alternatively appeal the decision to the 9th Circuit.